Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Is Your Gallbladder Acting Up? Symptoms That Indicate Trouble

Are you experiencing intense abdominal pain? Are your bathroom habits off? Your gallbladder could be the reason. This organ helps the body process waste and deliver essential nutrients to your blood. When it’s off-kilter, you’re likely to experience unpleasant symptoms. The following are standard signals that your gallbladder has issues and essential steps to feel better.

1. Common Signs of Gallbladder Distress

When the gallbladder struggles to function, you are likely to feel pain in the upper-right portion of your stomach. The discomfort ranges from mild inconvenience to extreme, double-over pain. It may remain frequent or come and go at different times.

In addition, your stool and urine could change color. Healthy urine is often light to clear color, indicating hydration and proper waste removal. When the gallbladder doesn’t do its job well, it is often darker. Stools, on the other hand, look more white and appear loose.

Other gallbladder signs include upset stomach and fever. You may have chronic acid reflux and have long bouts of diarrhea.

2. Common Causes

Several things may interrupt gallbladder function. Stones which are tough deposits, may sit within the organ. You could have a blocked duct, calcium accumulation or inflammation or cancer. These situations may lead to other secondary troubles such as infections and tears.

3. Medical Solutions

Make an appointment to meet with your doctor. The professional may schedule several tests to identify the cause and recommend general surgery services Victorville CA to remove the organ or stones. In addition, discuss your diet. Switch to a low-fat diet and minimize your sugar intake. Increase calcium by focus on leafy greens and low-fat dairy. 

If you have long-term tummy or bathroom issue, see your general practitioner. Discuss your symptoms. It could be your gallbladder acting up. If it is, discuss changing your eating habits and work on a medical treatment plan that could deliver relief.