Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

The Most Sophisticated Types of Cyber Attacks in 2019 and in the Upcoming Period

Most of the cyber attacks in 2019 have targeted three major sectors such as the government sector, the retail sector and the information technology especially the information security industry with high alert. The continuously growing sophisticated cyberattacks with numerous malware and phishing along with artificial intelligence and machine learning including cryptocurrency have resulted in serious security concerns and constant risk particularly for the data and assets of the government, business corporations as well as individuals. The cybersecurity still suffers from an acute shortage of efficient and skilled cybersecurity professionals to effectively tackle the issues and concerns of cybersecurity. The experts eventually agree that cyber threats and crimes are going to stay because the dependence on technology is going to grow more.

In fact, cyber threats and crimes are not only going to stay but are going to grow to such an extent that the situation may be worse than ever. Based on the sophisticated nature of attacks in 2019, some of the predictions of the future or upcoming probabilities of the nature of cyberattacks will include sophisticated phishing, evolving of strategic ransomware, Cryptojacking, cyber-physical attacks, state-sponsored attack, IoT attack etc.

The new trend of phishing has already started because the attackers have already understood that fooling people with fake emails and malicious is already an outdated strategy since most employees, as well as individuals, are aware of that. Therefore, the attackers have transformed the phishing from email and downloading to machine learning by quickly crafting and distributing fake and convincing messages which will have the possibilities of recipients compromise their networks and systems. The phishing with its transformation will effectively collect usernames, passwords, credit card information, and other financial information which will be profitable than ever for the hackers.

Similarly, the ransomware is growing faster with new strategies and more amount of ransoms. The rise of cryptocurrencies such as the bitcoin has also created a positive atmosphere for the hackers to safely collect ransom as well as by hijacking third-party computer and safely and secretly mine for cryptocurrency which is called cryptojacking. The cryptojacking is a new trend of hackers with enormous advantages because of the fact that cryptocurrency requires an abundant amount of computer processing abilities which they can exploit. The advancement of technology also has resulted in cybersecurity threat as the hackers are now into transportation systems, electrical grids, water treatment sectors etc. As per a report of the New York Times, even the US military is also at the risk of high-tech hacking probabilities.