Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

New Patch, New Meta | Meet Sigma in Overwatch

The new meta is going to be born in Overwatch and we are extremely excited about how players would use the newest, 31st hero – Sigma. He will definitely shake the whole meta, this is another tank with the deployable barrier and interesting tools in his kit that could be used to claim an advantage over the enemy. Sigma will be available in the Overwatch League as soon as he will be available in the competitive matches. I already could 100% predict how many professional teams will remember about the Bunker composition and will enhance it with the second barrier, so prepare to see Sigma and Orisa in every upcoming match. And if you are maining heroes that could easily get past through the shields or can cut through them, then you could rejoice! This is the best time for Doomfist and Symmetra mains to shine.

So keep yourself updated, the new role-lock in the Overwatch League would definitely lead to one simple thing. The professionals would try a lot of interesting compositions and would create a ton of imbalanced strategies. If you are interested in the Overwatch boosting as you need to always keep your eyes on OWL. The sooner you notice the new, imbalanced team compositions in Overwatch, the sooner you will be able to quickly pick these heroes in the competitive mode to earn easy SR.

Role Queue will change the meta

Do not overthink a lot, recently Blizzard has tweaked the overall effectiveness of other heroes in Overwatch. There are a lot of changes, like Brigitte’s self-healing potential will be greatly reduced turning her from the off-healer to the main-healer. That is because she faded from the pro scene due to the fact that she is quite useless in the 2-2-2 meta, and thanks god, Blizzard developers team are observing the overall situation in the game and adjusting their heroes so they could feel comfortable in every patch. With these changes, she will turn into a more effective support hero and that may force players to pick her in the OWL matches.

Let’s be honest, Overwatch League with the Role Lock is now a much healthier place for everyone, from the professional players to the casual viewers. Matches have become more interesting and exciting and now any team could find the keys to beat another team. The competitive spirit comes back to the Overwatch and you could see in the playoffs how more intense games have become. How it would be changed with the arrival of Sigma nobody could certainly tell, but right now I am pretty sure that the new meta would arise soon. And I hope that there will not be an unbeatable team composition as it was in the GOATs situation.

Overall Role Queue update for Overwatch is the right decision, even considering the fact that the Damage role is standing in the queues for too long. Look at this from the other angle, it will motivate you to try another aspect of the game and try out new roles. Who knows, maybe it is your destiny to heal everyone around here!