Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Top Preferred Method to Ship Multiple Cars in a Safe and Cost-Effective Way

Shipping vehicles domestically or overseas may seem like a tricky task. The anxiety doubles when you want to ship multiple vehicles. Many use multiple cars in their household and when they shift multiple cars when moving to a different city, they can go about their usual routine. Shipping multiple vehicles at the same time is not much different from shipping one vehicle.

Best way to ship multiple cars:

One can attach car dolly to another car and drive it, rent a carrier truck/ multi-carrier truck or hire an auto transport service. Driving all the way to the destination is tiring and time consuming. The shipping costs are high when opting for carrier truck and multi-carrier truck. If the carrier/ truck can hold only about 3 cars, the transportation cost is high for the company.

The cost goes down based on the number of cars a trailer can hold. When a number of cars is shipped along the same route, the cost for transportation reduces drastically. The quotations from shipping companies are more affordable due to the fuel and time savings and it is also easier for the company to find a suitable carrier depending on your car shipping requirements.

Your best bet is to opt for a large-scale shipping company. Get the help of a reputable shipping broker like Ship a Car, Inc Inc to find the best car shipping company of your needs. They are the top-rated shipping brokers in the US. They are connected to a network of top shipping companies and match you with a suitable shipping company.

Benefits of shipping multiple vehicles in one go:

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  • Your vehicles will be delivered on the same time in the desired destination
  • Depending upon the company you choose to ship your vehicles, you may be offered a discount.
  • Less stress

Though shipping two vehicles obviously costs more than shipping one vehicle but with the help of sipping brokers you can make huge savings and have a guaranteed safe delivery. In addition to discounted rates, you can expect discounts for your upcoming bookings since brokers keep a track of your orders.

You have a choice between open air and closed air auto transport carriers. Though open-air carriers are safe, if you prefer more security from weather elements you can opt for closed air auto transport carrier. Your shipping company will offer recommendations and let you know which the better choice is.

Talk to the company about their insurance policy. Since you are shipping multiple vehicles, check if the insurance cover is sufficient. Purchase additional insurance if you have to in order to avoid unnecessary surprise expenses. Communicate your needs clearly so that the shipping process proceeds smoothly. With proper research the process is pretty easy.

Narrowing down a reputable car shipping company takes quite a while, which is an added responsibility when you moving to a new place. Let a shipping broker take care of that part. Get rid of stress and use their help to safely transport multiple vehicles between locations.