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Top 3 Tollywood Crime Mystery Films Never miss them

Animation, romance, and action-packed movies have predominantly webbed an audience of their own. These movies have specified storylines, and none has a development like that of the Telugu people of India. These native Indians love their movies synchronized in a combination of action, drama, comedy, crime, and romance performed in their Telugu language. Bollywood Crime Movies is rated among the top performers in movie production and boast of various movie genres, and Telugu movies are one with an unbeaten viewership. Telugu crime movies have come a long way and are loved because of their enthusiasm and unique storylines.


This thriller surrounds a young journalist who is so passionate about her job but ends up working on undercover assignments to protect herself. Anasuya becomes her boss’s favorite after she managed to expose a politician mistreating a poor orphan who ends up being thrown out in the politician’s bid to protect his name. As an undercover journalist, the journalist is tasked with tracing a murderer who, after assassinating his target and ripping off an internal organ, leaves behind a red rose. Anasuya tactfully traces the victim who pretends to be polio-stricken gets him arrested but is later released by police officers due to his condition as an invalid. Convinced that her target is the real murderer, she continues her pursuit but is arrested for injuring a patient. After her release, she remembers her unfinished business and goes after the villain who is finally killed in a fire accident.


The film has an intriguing plot surrounding an inspector who is dubbed a kidnapper for saving a girl who is on the verge of eloping with her boyfriend but ends up in the hands of unsuspecting goons. Vijay rescues the lady and takes her to her supposed meeting point only to find out that the guy had canceled the plan, leading to Vijay hosting the lady. Dropping her off the following morning at the bus station, they witness an accident involving Vijay’s mother who, upon being taken to hospital, incurs a hefty bill. It turns out that the lady is a billionaire who tasks Vijay to act as a kidnapper and ask for a ransom from her parents because it will be the only way she will be accepted back.


This 1993 political thriller film revolves around a lady (Anitha) who is set to marry her longtime boyfriend Durga. Durga suddenly finds his life in turmoil when Guru Narayan, a corrupt local politician, gets his way and kills his brother Mohan. Devastated at the injustice, Durga sets off on a path to avenge his brother’s death. Disapproval of his ideas, Anitha decides to leave Durga. Though Anitha’s husband and ex-boyfriend fail to be friends, they both had a common enemy in the member of the legislative assembly whom they gang up and kill.