Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

The urban life of daily partying in Melbourne

When someone mentions a bar in Melbourne, we immediately think of night. But the fact is that a lot of nightlife is being transferred today in the past couple of years.

The parties have been living a 24/7 life for quite some time now. With most of the places being closed at night now, more and more clubs and bars are turning to the lighter side of the day and seek refuge, opening doors before the sun comes down. We’re looking at how that changed the dynamic of partying forever.

Nighttime is almost like a metaphor for doing something that we potentially know isn’t right. Around 1-2 am, our judgment gets pretty clouded, and our mouths like rivers that speak the stupidest truths and things we would never think of the next morning.

This is why we probably tend to party and go to bars and pubs at night – we feel like fewer people see, which is totally true. You’re less likely to spot a colleague when you’ve had one too many drinks in a room full of smoke with dimmed lights and music that’s louder than your thoughts. Also, he’s less likely to spot you, which is all you care about.

It’s time no one is doing anything that has to do with business. You can relax and have a mindset of your own that will be unacceptable when you step out of that door. So the night is kind of like our guardian, our shield from other people that may or may not know us.

With everything switching from reeky, dimmed dance floors to daylight, it seems like partying (and everything else that happens at night) is starting to lose its original purpose – to make us feel unseen and like no one cares whatever we do (they don’t). Our sneakiness can’t make us hide from the light of the sun.

You can’t go to a bar because you’re at work. You can’t go to a pub with your fake ID because you have classes, or that DJ you wanted to listen to is playing right after your lunch break. Everything is starting to come to light, and some people like it, some don’t.

Some bars in Melbourne are still pretty dark, but what’s the point of them being dark when they close at 6 pm, and it’s still bright outside when you get out? Now everyone shall see that you’re wasted at 6 pm in broad daylight. Suddenly, it seems like a fairly scary thought.

But, not everything is so dark (pun intended). We shouldn’t be scared if this is going to be our future. After all that happened, we should be glad that anything is open and that bars and clubs are not going out of business. But we’ll always have the era of drunk late nights or early mornings in bars.