Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Let The Party Go Wild!

During major sports events, foremost porn sites are eager to observe what is happening in digital footprints during and after the sports events. As expected, there was a plunge in organic traffic during the game and a sharp revival in the post-game. The spike in viewership in the post-game session was more female-dominated than men. In other words, when men were celebrating the victory of their home team, a ladies’ party with porn was more scorching. In post-game time women were more active in porn consumption where men were busy discussing the game. The data revealed women’s traffic on porn shoot up by 30%, while men hovered around 13% raise.

 Spike in post-game viewership

After the end of the game, ladies like to have some fun visiting porn sites where there is an agentredgirl model section. While men were engaged watching post-game analysis on TV. Men are more conservative about speaking about their sexual fantasies to their partners. So even the loved ones are unaware of the dark fantasies of men, but their computers know about it. Both men and women watch porn. The genera of porn speak about their sexual orientation and fantasies even though they fear articulating it openly.

 What women like

Deriving from this train of thought, Harvard Ph.D. Stephens researched what goggling say about the person`s sexuality. He submitted his findings in the book Everybody Lies. During the research, he found women viewers are ardent about lesbian videos when they visit a porn website. Around 20% of female viewers love girl-to-girl sex videos, including straight women.

He also affirmed that many women like to watch rough genus of sex like gangbang or BDSM. Violent and rough sex with women is immensely popular among female viewers than men. May be do not like it in real life but love to fantasize about it. Fantasy is not always politically correct. Viewership of women of BDSM or MMF is almost equal in every corner of the earth. It is not associated with how they like to be treated; it is all about fantasy.

 Fantasy is not politically correct. 

Around 62% of women view violent sex on porn, but if you want to practice it in the bedroom, talk with your sweetheart beforehand. Establish predefined boundaries and safe words before you plunge into rough sex. A survey was conducted among 40,000 OkCupid members, and it was found around 62% of women like to experience rough sex, which may be tiered of the vanilla type. According to psychologists, using blindfold handcuffs, this type of sex increases the adrenalin flow, blood pressure, and heartbeat. The brain responds to anticipation and pain differently, giving a sense of ecstasy. Brain area that responds to pain and sexual arousal overlaps

Hair towing during sex stimulates many women; others like when their partner is in charge. Dirty talking and being tied to a bedpost gives them adequate arousal. In the agentredgirl model trnsporn section, you can watch many such videos which will give fresh kinky ideas, but practicing it discuss with your partner, consent is imperative.