Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

How to Pump Your Own Gas

You may have never filled your own car engine before if you have a learner’s permit or live in Oregon or New Jersey, two states that make it illegal to pump your own gas. Whether you’re planning a statewide road trip or commuting 30 miles to work, you’ll need to know how to fuel your car’s engine.

Arriving at the Gas Station

When driving to the gas station, you’ll need to park your vehicle by the pumping machine. Locate which side the car’s gas cap is on to make sure it faces the machine. Turn off your car engine after you park before leaving the vehicle to open the cap. Although gas stations may feel dangerous at first, gas station builders make sure that pumping machines are safe for you to use. 

Choose How You’ll Pay

Select the amount of gas you want to add and choose how you’ll pay. If you have spare cash, go inside the convenience store to choose the amount you’ll pay to the cashier. The station will stop adding fuel once it hits that amount. You can also pay with your credit or debit card. Just swipe your card at your pump’s scanner. If you pay with debit, you’ll be prompted to enter your PIN.

Select Your Fuel Option

You can choose between regular and premium. Premium allows your car to go faster and provides fuel for high performance engines. Regular is a safer choice for older cars and is cheaper. Picking premium for older engines may destroy your engine and will cost you thousands to repair. Pumps also offer diesel, but are only for cars with diesel engines. You should never pick this option if your car runs on ethanol.

Pump Gas in Your Car

Your station will have a handle you’ll need to add fuel. Pick up the handle, insert it inside your gas cap and squeeze the handle lever to pump your car. Don’t move the handle and keep squeezing the lever until you finish pumping. Once the handle stops, remove it and place it back to the station. Seal your gas cap tight and close it. Collect your receipt if you choose to do so.

Don’t panic if you’ve never pumped gas before. Once it becomes routine, it’s something you’ll never have to think about again. The way you pump gas applies to all vehicles, so the process is simple. You’ll want to make the right choices and take the necessary precautions for your car to run smoothly.