Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

How To Care for Stressed-Out Skin

With work, family and the general state of the world, modern life can be very stressful. That stress takes a toll on your skin. Fortunately, there are ways to combat stress-related skin woes.

Visit an Esthetician

An appointment with an esthetician may feel a little strange for those who have never visited one before. However, those who go through training to become an esthetician are skilled professionals. Licensed estheticians are able not only to care for your skin but also to put your mind at ease during the appointment.

A professional facial moisturizes and detoxifies your skin, leaving it healthier and more comfortable. Estheticians also provide hair removal and other services. A good esthetician can educate you on the dermatological effects of diet and the proper skin care products for your skin type.


Stress affects skin in a variety of ways. It can cause hives, acne and other problems. While proper skin care is an effective way to treat these issues, minimizing stress prevents many issues from occurring in the first place.

Many individuals find the act of caring for their skin, whether at home or in a professional setting, relaxing in itself. Skincare can be part of a larger self-care regimen that includes exercise, proper nutrition and adequate sleep. Meditation and recreation are also good ways to unwind.

Take time for yourself and to spend with family and friends. If you have pets or children, play with them. Watch television and read books on non-stressful topics. Find a hobby and make time for it. If you feel overwhelmed or anxious frequently, consider getting professional help.

Caring for your skin may seem like just another chore, but healthy skin is key to a healthy body. In addition to visiting a trained esthetician, minimize stress to keep your skin in good shape.