Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

How Can You Best Make Use of Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalism is a trend born in the 60s in reaction to the consumer society. It advocates a return to basics, purity, and functionality. This resolutely modern trend continues to date. Even when society inclines towards a more thoughtful mode of use, minimalism is making new sense.

This simplistic interpretation does not deprive itself of comfort, with precise color that contributes to the well-being in the home. So why and how does one adopt the minimalist style at home?

Why adopt the minimalist style at home?

You have to think of the minimalist design style as a philosophy of life. By getting rid of the superfluous, we go back to basics, which is what really matters to us. This approach applies, of course, to our interior, where the search for space and fluidity is as pleasant as it is beneficial. The idea is not to have only a table and a chair, but rather, to “allow yourself time and space”, not to force yourself to fill things.

This style avoids an overly finished decor that allows everyone to appropriate their interior. Each element thus resonates with our personal identity. In this, minimalism brings serenity and harmony, and therefore contributes to the well-being at home.

Contrary to what one might think, it is not a question of an absence of reflection, but of a reflection in oneself: one must ask the question of knowing what is important for oneself, of the usefulness of an object, of the importance of such a colour, etc. Thus, we will tend to remove more than to add elements. This approach is all the more important as it eliminates the effect of indoor pollution.

How do you work on the layout and decoration of your interior in a minimalist style?

If you want to be minimal, you have to avoid the problem of too many elements. Choosing a common thread allows you to create continuity and harmony and thus you avoid scattering yourself.


It is common to hear that minimalism applies to large spaces. The experts emphasize the fact that it finds all its interest even in small spaces where the main demand is the creation of storage. The idea is therefore to create storage to remove the frills, without having the feeling of living in a dressing room. Optimize every nook and every corner to make storage space. Closets and storage niches make the space as functional as possible and leave free circulation. Full height furniture should also be favoured because they are not just pieces of furniture but decorative elements in their own right.

This principle applies of course to other rooms, such as the bathroom, where there is a tendency to accumulate products. However, before tidying up, we must try to reduce their quantity and find them a place of choice in functional spaces. So, to avoid an accumulation of products in the shower or on the edge of the bathtub, it may be interesting to create one or more niches that allow things to be organized.

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