Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

Essential Components For Photography

Photography may be one of your passions and, in your free time, you enjoy improving your technique and equipment to achieve photographs with which to share experiences and experiences, in a unique and personal way.

Then, based on my experience, we will list the components of the necessary photographic equipment to get started in the world of photography:

  1. Camera

Just as the painter cannot live without his brushes, we photographers cannot carry out our work without a device that allows us to capture real or prepared scenes. It is normal to start taking our first shots with a smartphone and start discovering our talent.

For beginners, the Nikon D3300 is the ideal camera for shooting with 24.2 Mp resolution, as well as being reasonably affordable. Its small size and lightweight allow it to be transported everywhere, providing the opportunity to take advantage of spontaneous moments worthy of a photo.

  1. Smartphone

Although our primary tool for capturing will be our professional camera, we must never forget the faithful smartphone. If we want to share samples of our hobby, or restore a photo, social networks can be a perfect shared album.

It can help us learn specific skills and knowledge to have an attractive and adequately worked image, in the networks we choose to show our photographs.

  1. Filers

Commonly, we edit the first photos we take with the help of a computer: light reduction, sky and cloud contrasts or shadow elimination, among other effects.

In the art of photography, we must have filters that allow us to take impressive photos of landscapes or even people who are posing for us.

Some of these filters can help us protect the lens from ultraviolet radiation. Today DSLR cameras, or SLR cameras, already contain various integrated filters, but we can also purchase them separately.