Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Common Causes of Dental Infections

A dental infection may begin with only slight discomfort. However, discomfort can quickly escalate and cause serious pain if the infection goes untreated. Here are some of the most common causes of dental infections that you should be aware of.


Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of dental infections. The decayed area of a tooth makes the root vulnerable to infection and periapical abscesses. If you have extreme hot and cold sensitivity that comes on suddenly, decay may be affecting the nerve of your tooth. In this case, you may need to get a root canal to remove the infected material from your tooth and protect the root. For help with root canal treatment Parker CO, reach out to an experienced practitioner who can perform the procedure and make a permanent crown.

Broken Dental Work

A broken filling could result in an infection. The missing or cracked filling material can make your tooth vulnerable to pulpitis, a condition that causes painful inflammation of the dentin inside of your teeth and aggravation of the nerve. Replacing a broken filling as soon as you become aware of it could spare you from pulpitis.


Believe it or not, grinding or clenching can cause inflammation in your gums that could form an abscess or infection. If you have a problem with grinding, wearing a nightguard when you’re in bed and trying to be more conscientious about grinding during the day can prevent infections that are triggered by bruxism.

Improving your oral care regimen and getting regular dental cleanings can decrease your risk of dental infection considerably. The quickest and most effective treatment for an infection is usually antibiotics, but overuse could lead to a secondary infection. Your dentist can advise you about whether an infection requires antibiotics or if an alternative treatment could address the issue effectively.