Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

3 Things To Do After a Hail Storm

Occasionally a typical rainstorm may include harmful bouts of hail. These heavy ice pellets fall from the sky at intense speeds, inflicting damage to homes and vehicles. When these events occur, owners should inspect possessions thoroughly to see if anything has been ruined. Then, if you have insurance policies, seek help from your agency. In general, it’s useful to do the following three things.

  1. Inspect the Roof

Once a hail storm passes, have a professional roofer look over the roofing. This expert is aware of the potential issues caused by these heavy ice pellets. Shingles may be pulled off or dented. The flashing may be destroyed as well. These are immediate concerns. Left alone, rain may saturate into the attic and crawlspace. Left alone, these conditions may lead to mold growth, rot and potential collapses.

  1. Have Your Car Checked

Hard ice may dent the exterior of the car, diminishing value and appearance. Dents and dings are highly likely. Cracks in the glass may occur, allowing moisture to penetrate inside. Specialists in hail damage repair Lakewood CO have the knowledge and technology to diagnosis the issues and determine how to fix the trouble.

  1. Speak With Your Insurance Agent

Many home and car insurance policies cover hail destruction, but owners must file a claim and provide substantial evidence to receive compensation. Call your agent promptly, reporting the hail storm occurred. Be sure to give the time and date of the conditions. If possible, have a printout showing a weather report of the incident. Also, have images of the damage.

After a hail storm ends, take time to evaluate your home and car. If your property suffered from harm, supply the agents with the reports from the roofer and the car repair shop. Be diligent, organized and open about the situation. It’s possible you could receive financial assistance to mend the problems.