Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

3 Types of Nurses

Nursing sounds like a specific field, but there are tons of specialties out there. Whether you want to become a nurse or get care from an expert, you should know your options. That way, you can give or get the best health care Bethesda MD has ever seen. Here are just a few of the many types of nurses you can find.

  1. Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses work with kids and can work with all sorts of conditions or specialize even further. You may meet a pediatric oncology nurse, who specializes in cancer. Or you might meet a pediatric GI nurse, who works with kids who have gastrointestinal issues. A pediatric nurse needs to be kind and easy for someone to talk to but also understand a lot of different medical terms and conditions.

  1. Geriatric Nurse

On the other hand, you also have geriatric nurses, who work with older adults. Like with pediatrics, geriatrics allows for further specialization in areas like memory care or home health care. If you want to be a geriatric nurse, you should be caring and gentle. And if you need to hire a geriatric nurse for yourself or a family member, look for one who understands any health conditions involved besides aging.

  1. Emergency Room Nurse

Many people will go to the emergency room at least once in their life. When you do, you will probably work with at least one emergency room nurse. Nurses in this specialty need to be quick on their feet and able to work under pressure. They may not get many breaks during a shift, so stamina and a good attitude are essential. That way, emergency room visitors can get the best care possible.

Whether you want to work with a nurse or be one, you should know what options are available. Some nurses work in almost any setting, while others focus on specific settings or age groups. Keep that in mind when choosing a nurse or career specialty.