Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Window Air Conditioning Capabilities

Indeed, you’ve heard someone say it had air, with a certain number of BTUs. This nomenclature deals with the form of measurement used to explain the capacity of an air conditioner, whatever its type. It is also good to make efforts in finding the best contractor.

It is essential to understand the capabilities and what they efficiently serve. Since choosing the wrong capacity, you won’t have the efficiency of that air.

So, suppose you have ever entered a place that was not adequately refrigerated, even with an air conditioner. In that case, there are two possibilities: Either it needed maintenance, or it was at its lower capacity than indicated for the place.

Know that choosing more capacity than you need is also wrong. It generates more expenses at the time of purchase because the more capacity, the more expensive the model, and the medium and long term with energy since a more powerful one will spend a lot more.

Air Conditioning Window 7500

Here we have the smallest capacity of a window air conditioner. This is only suitable for tiny places, permanently closed so that you can refrigerate at a reasonable price. The indication is to use it in a maximum of 10 square meters; more than that, it may not offer functionality efficiently to cool the space.

Window Air Conditioner 10000

Another capacity option for a window air conditioner is 10,000 BTUs; this is the most commercialized capacity model because it meets a standard of environments.

Indicated for residential locations, with a bit of circulation of people with up to 20 square meters in size, or if the user will take place in commercial space, it is essential to count it for a maximum of 15 square meters.

Know that a commercial environment will require greater capacity from your air conditioner; this happens in all models and types. After all, the more electrical appliances to heat and the more people, the greater the cooling needs.

Air Conditioning Window 12000 Btus

If you need a little more power, the idea is to have an air capacity of 12000 BTUs. It is also widely used. Its indication is for environments that offer up to 25 square meters if they are residential, or up to 20 square meters if it will be used in commerce maybe by a local company and environments with many frequentations of people.

There are still other capabilities that can accommodate larger or smaller spaces. It is essential to know that, regardless of the type of air chosen, be it Split, Cassette, or other, the capacities will always be the same; these indications do not change according to the model.

So, finally, so that the subject of capacities is fixed, we will leave here a practical table for your reference when buying or changing an air conditioner:

  • 7500 BTUs: For environments with a maximum footage of 10m²;
  • 9000 BTUs: For environments from 12 to 15 square meters;
  • 1000 Btus: For environments from 15 to 20 square meters;
  • 12000 BTUs: For environments from 20 to 25 square meters;
  • 1800 BTUs: For environments from 25 to 30 square meters;
  • 3000 BTUs: For environments from 45 to 50 square meters;
  • 3600 BTUs: For environments from 50 to 55 square meters.