Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Why is Albania Riviera regarded as the top travel destination in Albania?

Among the various coasts in Albania, Riviera stretching from Vlore to Sarande is most breathtaking. In the entire Ionian Sea, Albania Riviera is most beautiful and also in entire Europe. Owing to the former communism rule, Riviera is not fully constructed or built up. As there was poverty during this time, Riviera could not be constructed. Therefore, the coast is a perfect travel destination and a center of attraction for the travelers. On your visit to Riviera, you will find that it is quite a strange and unfamiliar place in Europe. Despite the fact it is laid back, a holiday maker will find something to please himself. Butrint, for example, is best for the lovers of historical sites. It is an ancient city which deserves the tag of best archeological site. Let us check other interesting reasons to visit Albania Riviera.

Plenty of cycling and hiking opportunity

If you are the one who loves to be fit and active, then Albania Riviera is meant for you. There is plenty of scope for water adventures, cycling and hiking out here. Riviera mountains is best known for hiking and biking. This way, you may also stay close to nature. The streets of Vlore are filled with magnificent palm trees that look quite refreshing. This city has a quite Mediterranean look and you may access the stunning beaches through main streets. The location of Vlore is also quite strategic as it is between Ionian and Adriatic seas. When you talk of geographical location of Vlore, then it is between Sarande and Tirane. Therefore it is a wonderful gatepoint or entry into Albania for you can take 3hours ferry ride. Sarande is again an entry point to Albania and is extremely attractive.

Wonderful weather

Beautiful and excellent weather is a characteristic feature of Albania Riviera. Winters are modestly rainy while summers are warm. Riviera witnesses warm temperatures when around 290 days are sunny. In short, the place is neither too cold nor too hot.

Popular for sandy stretches

Visit the town of Himara for it is the most beautiful place to visit. Some of the popular sandy stretches you cannot miss out are Filikuri Beach, Llamani Beach and also Palermo Beach. If you want to opt for a lively spot in Riviera, then choose Drymades Beach.

Albania Riviera is becoming a famous spot for a variety of reasons. It has everything a tourist wants during the visit. The area is characterized by beautiful beaches, scenic beauty and hospitable locals. You can also enjoy good food out here.