Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Why an Air-Driven Handpiece Is Important

A handpiece is a crucial tool for any dentist. However, the technology they come equipped with can make a big difference in the tool’s performance. Therefore, it is essential that dentists select the best tool out there. The two primary options when it comes to handpieces are electric or air-driven. While both can achieve good results, there are a few reasons why air-driven handpieces are more useful. 

Clinical Uses

Air-driven options, such as a good Lares handpiece, will always provide more options for clinical uses. After all, their constant RPM speeds allow for less bur chatter or slowing when the bur comes into contact with teeth. Since it is cheaper to purchase all the air-driven equipment you’ll need than a single electric handpiece, many dentists are attracted to air-driven ones. 

They come in both high and low-speed units so you have more flexibility. For example, air-driven handpieces can be used for tooth sectioning, third molar removal, implant placement, and endodontics. Since many offices are shifting to offering more services under one roof, this has kept air-driven tools as the go-to option. 

Cutting Efficiency

Modern dental handpieces are equipped with technology that allows them to sense the pressure being applied to the tooth and increase the necessary torque so dentists have constant cutting speeds. Fortunately, that allows for the devices to easily cut through the enamel on teeth. When you are making precise cuts, such as those required for minimal preparation veneers, this feature is invaluable. 

Additionally, the sensing technology can also tell when it has gotten through the enamel and is automatically reduces torque to cut through the softer material. Traditionally, this technology was not available and would have increased the wear on turbines. However, sensing technology has made these cutting tools more efficient so they require less maintenance. 

Handpieces are a crucial tool in any dentists’ office. As the number of procedures done under one office increases, the new technology in air-driven handpieces is offering plenty of benefits that make them the most desirable option.