Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

What to expect during and after a divorce

The end of a marriage is a painful event, and it is easy to become overwhelmed with emotions. However, you need to think clearly about many practical matters.

Preparing for the road ahead can help you feel empowered to face the divorce process with confidence and embrace your solo future. Here are some things you can expect.


Divorce law Davidson County TN is complex. If you have no children together, no retirement benefits and no real property, you and your spouse may file divorce forms yourself. The do-it-yourself route requires that you and your spouse agree on all matters. If that does not describe your case, you may wish to contact a legal professional.


Tennessee courts will attempt to divide marital property fairly. Not all possessions are marital property: Property or assets that you owned prior to marriage are your personal property. So are gifts that you received during the marriage.

Few people are better off financially after a divorce. The money that used to run one household is now split to support two. It is likely that you will suffer some degree of financial setback, at least temporarily. Depending on the situation, a judge may decide that financial support is appropriate, either in the form of child support or spousal support.


Your social life may change considerably following a divorce. Couples who socialized with you and your spouse may be uncomfortable around you after the breakup. Close friends may disappear or take your spouse’s side. Some friends will remain loyal — lean on them — but also realize that you may need to let some friendships go. Reach out to new friends when you are ready.


You may be emotionally and mentally exhausted by the divorce proceedings. It can be difficult to concentrate at work or to focus on hobbies you used to love. Seek counseling if you continue to feel overwhelmed after three to six months.

Your future may feel uncertain because of your divorce. Divorce is a bumpy road, but if you know what to expect you can avoid becoming a wreck.