Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Vaginal Myths

From a young age, people are taught not to talk about their genitals. For a long time, even into adulthood, much about the female anatomy especially remains a mystery because of the abundance of misinformation. There are some common myths surrounding the vagina that perpetuate false ideas.


Many people are taught that their vagina is inherently unclean and that they need to use a douche in order to “fix” this. In gynecology Leesburg VA, it is taught that the vagina is actually self-cleaning. Introducing a douche into the mix can mess up the pH balance of your vagina and cause irritation or even infections.

Painful Sex

Many are taught that penetrative sex is supposed to be a painful experience for those who have a vagina. While some discomfort may occur from time to time for either party, pain is not inherent to sexual experiences and is often indicative of penetrating before the body has had a chance to loosen and relax. Spending some time on foreplay and using lubricant can help to reduce the amount of pain that is experienced during sex.


Speaking of looseness, the concept of a “loose” vagina is not only scientifically incorrect but also perpetuates the idea that having too much sex is bad. A vagina will loosen during sexual activity as the person becomes more comfortable and relaxed. The “looseness” of a vagina has nothing to do with how often a person has had sex.

There are a lot of myths surrounding the vagina, and it is important to spread accurate information as much as possible to counteract the misinformation that has been spread. Society needs to be having more open conversations about sex and vaginal health. Otherwise, it becomes easy for people to not know how to take care of their own bodies.