Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

The Racoons Made Me Do It!

For three nights in a row, the raccoons invaded your garage through the cat door. The critters tore boxes open, ripped storage apart, and defecated all over the floor. Instead of allowing them to be destructive again, you grabbed your rifle and sat outside on the deck waiting for the pest’s arrival. After an hour, you decided to walk slowly around your home, and just as you arrived at the front door, the police pulled up and ordered you to drop your weapon. You tried to explain the situation, but the officer said you were under arrest for alarming your neighbor. Now what?


The officer will read your Miranda Rights, and then the processing clerk will take a photograph and your fingerprints. If the police want to question you, they will put you into an interrogation room. Otherwise, you will go into a cell with other arrested individuals.


Your meeting with the judge is next. At the arraignment, the bailiff will read your charges, you will plead your case, and the judge will ask you pertinent questions. The charges may be dropped, and you will be released, or you will be given a bail amount you can use to get out of jail.


Your family or friends can contact a bail bonds Pennsylvania company about processing your bail after you notify them of the amount required. Once 10% of the full bail amount and all associated fees are paid, the court will present your release papers to the bond person. Those papers will allow your freedom, but there will be some stipulations. This will include not getting arrested again, no firearm possession, and no drug use.

There are a few things you should do once you are released. You need to lock your cat door so the raccoons can’t get into the garage, ignore your snoopy neighbor, and have a good relaxing evening. You deserve it.