Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Smart Solutions with the Frenchie Dog caring

Good breeders make their genetics available, by sending their parents’ pedigree or by their own websites, in which you can write the Frenchie dog’s name in a search field in the upper right and analyze the pedigree and mainly check if there is no consanguinity between parents.

See if the puppy will be delivered microchipped

Microchip is an electronic micro circuit containing a unique and unalterable code, inserted in a surgical bio-glass capsule. It’s a safe way to identify your Frenchie in case of loss and theft.

Good breeders participate in exhibitions and or have dogs with titles. It is not a rule, but when a breeder spends time and money to have their dogs evaluated at exhibitions and finds that their puppy or dog comes from a good example of the breed, it shows how much he cares about the pattern and shape of the breeding stock.

Characteristics of Bulldog

Research, question and find a good breeder to have a healthy and healthy puppy. So avoiding both suffer with diseases, lack of standard believes it will weigh when he grows and you know more about the breed and disappointments. Here are some characteristics:

  • The French Bulldog puppy needs attention with the skin to not develop dermatitis
  • The French Bulldog is strong and fuller: obesity must be a concern
  • The French Bulldog should take light walks daily to avoid a sedentary lifestyle
  • The French Bulldog is attentive and caring to the tutors
  • The French Bulldog needs to stay well hydrated on hot days
  • The French Bulldog puppy needs socialization and training after vaccinations
  • The French Bulldog puppy needs attention: always play with your dog
  • With the French Bulldog, very tiring activities should be avoided
  • French Bulldog: the coat colors are usually quite varied
  • The adult French Bulldog can reach an average of 15kg
  • The French Bulldog puppy loves the owner’s cuddle
  • The French Bulldog lives well in small spaces, such as apartments
  • The French Bulldog will always give the necessary alert if he thinks you are in danger
  • French Bulldog fillhote: price must be planned to fit your budget

Training the French Bulldog is something that requires a little patience from the tutors

The strong personality combined with the great amount of energy that the Frenchie dog has can make him like to impose his own wishes inside the home. That is: the French Bulldog is a stubborn dog. He needs to be trained to learn, in addition to the basic commands, to have limits. Because of his temperament, it may be necessary to repeat the instructions for the Bulldog a few times: count on the help of a professional trainer, positive stimuli and enough patience to achieve results with this little one.