Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Reasons You Might Need Your Boat Towed

Do you love being on the water? Is your ideal kind of day to go out on the water fishing, swimming, and relaxing on your boat? While boating is an enjoyable pastime, it doesn’t come without its share of problematic issues. While you’re out on the water enjoying soaking up the sun’s rays, you might find yourself in one of these jams and need of a tow.

Mechanical Breakdown

A mechanical breakdown of one of the many running parts on a boat is the most common reason a person might need to call a water towing Luling LA company. You could find yourself enjoying being out on the water and then suddenly find yourself unable to steer the boat. In this situation, the best thing to do is to drop your anchor and immediately call for a tow.

Did you know that calls for tows increase on windy days where the water is choppy? Choppy waters will stir up and dirt and debris that might be in the fuel tank and clog the filters. Experts agree that the best way to avoid a breakdown is to have the boat regularly serviced.

Run Aground

Not paying attention to where you are going is another major cause for needing to get your boat towed. While it might be fun to speed over the water and feel the wind and spray in your face, you likely aren’t going to allow yourself enough time to react if you come across shallow water. Your best bet is to go at a decent speed and be mindful of your surroundings.

Another way to prevent running aground is to ensure that your depth sounder is calibrated correctly. You might think that you’re in much deeper water than you actually are. Regularly checking that the sounder is working correctly could save you a lot of wasted time waiting for a towboat and your boat from a lot of damage from hitting the lake or river bottom.