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Packing and Moving & Storage Service in Sydney

The best packers and movers not only specialize in local, interstate, and overseas removal of goods but also offer storage facilities for short and long term storage of goods. Nuss is a packers and movers company based in Sydney, which deals with all the above-mentioned services. Short descriptions of the services have been given here. One can also view the services at

Local and Interstate Removals

Apart from door to door delivery of household and office items within Sydney, Nuss also provides interstate removal services to all large cities as well as small towns all over Australia. The company arranges for all the necessary permits to pass through state borders. The company manages the entire process right from packing at the source location to unpacking at the final destination.

International Removals

Nuss has a robust international network to ship goods to any foreign location. The company manages the customs and other regulations to ensure that the goods are delivered without any problems to any country. People relocating to foreign countries can entrust their belongings to Nuss and wait for the goods to be delivered to their location in a foreign country.

Storage Service

Storage service is essential if you are moving to a foreign country temporarily or your house is undergoing renovations, or you haven’t landed up with a permanent residence. Nuss offers storage facilities to store furniture and other types of goods. Large-sized and antique items can also be stored. The company makes an assessment of the number and types of goods to be stored to determine the storage space and number of containers and vehicles required to transport them. The goods are packed using high-grade materials. The goods are tagged, numbered, and listed to ensure that no item is lost or misplaced. Vehicles are sent to the location to pick up the goods. Wooden or steel containers are used to store the goods. All the storage facilities are free of pests and protected against weather elements. Security guards are also present round the clock to ensure full-proof security against thieves and miscreants. Altogether, Use when moving interstate.

Packing and Transportation

The size and number of items to be moved are assessed in the pre-move survey so that the right packing materials are selected. Cartons, bubble wraps, and other types of materials are used for packing the goods. Special types of packing materials are used for delicate and expensive items. Cushioned removal blankets are used to wrap the goods to ensure maximum protection against damage inside the storage containers during loading, transit, and unloading. The skilled workmen ensure that the goods are packed very efficiently.

Trucks and trailers are used to transport the goods for local removals. However, Interstate transportation is usually done through railways. The goods are stored in steel containers which are then loaded in trains. Special tools are used to load and unload the goods.

Price Quote

The exact price is quoted after completing the pre-move survey. The price is quoted based on the size and quantity of items. In the case of international removal, customs and other charges are also applicable. In the case of storage, the cost is based on storage space utilized, which is measured in cubic meters. The price is calculated as per the rate fixed per cubic meter.

A quick quote can also be generated by visiting and filling up the quote form.