Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

How to find out the best custom Bobbleheads

If you are wondering what gift to send to your loved ones on the upcoming Christmas, then you can go for custom bobbleheads. Custom bobblehead are common today. They’re not only cute and fun to look at, they also represent how you value your recipient relationship.

What about a personalized bobblehead?

A custom bobblehead is a small little figure with an individual’s face. It’s an ideal gift item that can be personalized with the receiver’s face, and can even be customized with custom design scene and backdrop.

Most importantly, custom bobbleheads aren’t too pricey. So you can order many things to offer your friends, kids, and other special people.

Add more features to Bobbleheads

It’s not enough to see your mates’ faces on the bobbleheads. For your most significant friends and loved ones, you can add more customizations to your gift.

You may order a personalized bobblehead for your special partner. Some companies produce bobbleheads by inserting a tiny chip into the figure’s base. You may ask the suppliers of bobbleheads to include your unique recorded voice clip. Also, pre-made messages can be embedded on custom bobbleheads.

For kids, you can get custom bobbleheads including their favorite cat, super hero, or cartoon characters. Take a picture of their beloved dog and ask them to make a bobblehead dog. This will delight children and they will enjoy your gift.

Collector’s item for your mate

For your friends who love collecting items related to their sports hobbies, you can offer famous athletes’ personalized bobbleheads. If your friend’s ardent fan of a specific sports team, why not order his star player’s personalized bobblehead. Your collector friend will certainly appreciate the gift.

To ensure that your friends use your personalized bobbleheads, ask bobblehead makers to build a base that can be easily mounted on car dashboards. Your friend won’t make any extra effort in mounting the bobblehead.

However, if you want your friend to show the custom bobblehead on an office desk, make sure his base has a special stick- on material specifically designed for glass surfaces. The custom bobblehead can be viewed safely on a glass surface desk.

You may ask custom bobbleheads makers to build a base like a pen holder to add more usefulness. Your friends will use these in their everyday work, and they’ll certainly remember you for your gift’s thoughtfulness. To surprise your close friends with special Christmas presents, custom bobbleheads will be your best choice.

Custom Bobbleheads as Night lamps

Further customization can be done to make the bobblehead a useful household object. Specifically, you may order custom bobbleheads to act as night lamps. If the makers can’t meet your order, you can customize yourself.

The bobbleheads base may have tiny LED light panels. You may also use pliable neon lamps like those found on high-end vehicles. These lights need little power to power a small battery on the lights.