Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

How Long Does a Bail Bond Take To Process?

One of the first questions clients ask when they’re searching for bonds is how long the process takes. When you use an accessible bondsman with 24-hour service, the answer is usually just a few hours, especially if you have the right financial information on hand to complete the necessary paperwork. It’s important to realize that the process is not all setting up and paying for the bond, though. You’re also waiting on processing by the jail and the courts, including arraignment. The timeline for setting bail and then processing out of a jail facility is completely out of the hands of any bail bond company you’ll find when searching bail bonds near me Allentown PA.

Is There a Way To Speed Up Arraignment?

Usually, arraignment happens as quickly as possible, but different jurisdictions have different schedules. Sometimes, there will be court on the weekends to address the need of people who are arrested for minor crimes, but often a weekend arrest means at least a 48-hour wait. This can be compounded if the system is backed up with cases, which occasionally happens in major cities. If there is any way to move up the process, a defense lawyer would be the one to be able to navigate it, so make sure to ask an attorney if you’re concerned about the time it will take for arraignment to determine bail.

When To Call A Bond Agent

You can get the ball rolling on a bail bond any time after the arraignment. Processing by the jail can take a little extra time, but once a bond is in place it tends to go relatively quickly. Just be aware of how busy the jail is when you start the process, and be understanding if there are delays, because the system can wind up unpredictably fast or slow at times that seem random. Keeping a cool head throughout means helping things along as efficiently as you can, even if there seems to be a few delays.

Bond providers can put things together quickly once they know what the value of the bond needs to be, and it goes even faster when you’re prepared to provide all the necessary information. Make sure you organize that paperwork while you wait to help things along and you’ll be surprised just how easy it can be to get everything set up for a timely release. If you have more questions, it helps to get answers directly from a bail bond provider.