Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

How Background Investigations Can Improve Your Hiring Process

During your company’s hiring process, background checks can be instrumental in weeding out inappropriate candidates for positions at all levels. These are some critical reasons why you should investigate potential employees’ backgrounds.

Reduce Your Liability

A candidate exhibiting consistently careless behavior resulting in termination from a former company will likely increase your company’s liability risk. For example, knowing if a job candidate’s actions resulted in property damage or loss can prevent something similar from happening at your company. In addition, performing a background investigation before extending a job offer can potentially protect your company and its customers from harm. 

Increase Workplace Safety

Hiring a professional service to conduct a pre-hiring background investigation Boise ID can prevent you from hiring candidates whose work histories contain problematic behavior. For example, knowing about a job candidate’s prior violence against another employee can prevent your current team members from experiencing similar incidents that could affect their personal safety. 

Protect Your Reputation

Sometimes job candidates exaggerate their skills to make themselves appear more desirable to potential employers. Although many employers expect this to occur to a minor degree, overstating qualifications for a position requiring advanced skills can lead to poor work quality that can damage your company’s reputation. Performing due diligence to ensure that someone can handle the requirements of a position will also prevent you from spending valuable time and money on-boarding the wrong candidate.  

Reduce Dishonesty

It is also essential to verify a job candidate’s qualifications to avoid dishonesty on the job. Although studies indicate that as many as 85% of job candidates lie on their resumes to some degree, most claims stretch the truth. However, outright lies indicate a level of dishonesty that can lead to employee theft or other criminal activity that affects your company’s bottom line.

Performing a background investigation for potential new employees is a sound business practice for hiring candidates who are a good match for your company. It can also help you avoid headaches over the long term.