Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

How a Financial Expert Witness Can Help You

Did you ever think that trial by jury is not as fair as it could be? Perhaps you thought that not ll the facts came out or that they were presented in a poor manner. One way that fairness is helped is by having expert witnesses at the trial and involved in the proceedings leading up to the trial.

Should you need one, be sure to contact an expert witness finance. They can be indispensable in certain stressful situations like court proceedings.

What is an Expert Financial Witness

An expert witness is a person with specialized skills, knowledge, or experience who advises and testifies in court about what he or she believes has happened in a certain case based on their wealth of knowledge and experience. They are different than other court witnesses,  who can only testify about what they have actually seen or experienced. On the other hand, because of their credentials,  expert witnesses can draw conclusions and give opinions in court proceedings.

What a Financial Expert Witness Can Do for You

A financial expert witness can be critical during court litigation. A financial expert witness may become involved in cases with the following subject material:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Breach of Contract
  • Tax Law, including Federal, State, and Municipal
  • Insurance Claims
  • Eminent Domain
  • Appraisal Economics

An expert witness can review financial statements, annual and quarterly reports,  materials used in marketing, company and entity press releases, and other financial information obtained from the attorney, defendant, or other sources. The expert witness often helps determine the most effective way to present the financial information to the court. An expert witness can also be invaluable when they assess the financial position of the defendant, by reviewing money-related data such as tax returns, revenues, liabilities, equity, net income, cash flow, dividends, and other financial assets.