Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Hopper Bottom Trailer Uses

Hopper bottom trailers are special semi-truck trailers that have 1-2 hoppers on the bottom of the trailer and a rolling tarp across the top, making them easy to load and unload. Therefore, hopper bottom jobs include the delivery of agriculture, raw materials delivery and land reclamation supplies and products.


Grain is typically transported via hopper bottom trailer. With the hatch locked in place, grain is poured into the top of the trailer from a spigot until it is full. Then, the grain is covered with the tarp to prevent it from being damaged or blowing out of the trailer. This product is then delivered to clients or other long-range transport. The hoppers at the bottom are opened up during delivery, releasing the grain. The hoppers can be closed at any time during its delivery if only part of the load is delivered to a client.


Sand is used in land reclamation. It fills the depressions made by mining or other damaging processes. The sand is used to cover and fill the holes between the rocks. This reclamation typically happens near water or water sources, such as long stretches of coastline, where sand and rocks are positioned to reduce or recover from erosion.

Worksite waste may also be moved via hopper bottom trailers. Both the sand and other waste materials can be measured as they are released and stopped when necessary.


Soil is easily moved via hopper trailers because it can release its contents while it is moving, spreading the soil over a wide area. This soil is often used in planting. It may also be used for leveling or grading ground. The soil spreads more evenly because the flow rate can be controlled using the hopper.

If you have an agricultural, construction or land reclamation project, consider using hopper bottom transportation for your materials and products.