Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Ear Piercing Care Mistakes and Tips – 6 Things You Were Not Told About

New York City is a magnet for anything one-of-a-kind. The profusion of locations to receive body tattoos and ear piercings in the five boroughs may be no surprise.

The anti-tragus is the most popular ear piercing in New York City, NY, trailed by the daith, conch, and rook. You’re not isolated if that seems like a word salad to you. However, according to New York girls in the know, those are the few trendiest piercings to get these days.

While getting your ears pierced can be fun, following ear-piercing hygiene can be tricky. Many people make the wrong choices when it comes to cleaning their ears.

To help you avoid these, this article spills the beans on common piercing care mistakes and offers very simple solutions that can help avoid them. Read on.

Filthy Hands

Germs will transmit to your fresh piercing if you touch it with palms that haven’t been cleaned recently, which could cause infection. This may seem self-evident, but it happens frequently enough to warrant mention.

So, before caressing your freshly pierced ears, always clean your hands.

Hair Care Products

Your hair clings to everything it comes into contact with during the day. It carries all of the bacteria and debris floating about in the air you strolled through this afternoon and the conditioner, shampoo, and cream you used earlier.

So, put your hair up during the night – at least for the first few months – to avoid bacteria from spreading from your tresses to your fresh piercings.

Besides, having it pulled back and out of your face will lessen the danger of infection and will also prevent it from becoming entangled in your studs while you sleep.

Using Low-quality Cleaning Solutions

To begin, apply the saline solution the piercer provided you twice a day, every day. Apply it using a fresh cotton ball to the rear and front of the piercing, then rotate the earring many times while it’s still wet.

If that doesn’t work, jewellers recommend Bactine or alcohol as a last resort. When you use alcohol, it may sting a little. Also, if your skin becomes too dry, discontinue using it and replace it with something softer. You are the only one who knows your body and can determine what works well for you.

Removing Earrings Too Soon

Don’t remove your earrings too soon. They’ll be closed in a hurry. Allow your ears to recuperate by wearing earrings for one to two months.

Earrings that have been Worn for Too Long

Yes, you can remove your earrings after one to two months if you believe your ears are ready but don’t forget to put them back in. They’ll still close soon because they’re so new.

For about a year, wear your earrings as often as possible before being without them for long periods.

Poor Quality Earrings

You’ve served your sentence. The two-month wait is finally over. Don’t sabotage your efforts by replacing your potentially monotonous but high-quality earrings with those extremely gorgeous $3 hoops you just found.

Because yellow gold is much more refined than most metals, jewellers recommend donning 14K yellow gold earrings every day for the first year. They advise against wearing white gold since it may contain nickel, which can trigger an illness based on your skin condition.

Your ears might be a little more susceptible during the first year, and allergic response is the last thing you need.

Wrapping Up

Getting a new ear piercing in New York City, NY, is a rite of passage for many. Many people will have pierced their ears at a young age, and others have pierced them as adults.

Regardless of when you pierce your ears, you should ensure the piercing is well taken care of.

As with any other piercing, there are a few aftercare tips that you should keep in mind. With the information that has been shared with you in this post, you can make sure that your ears are healed and cared for.