Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

A Storm Misidentification

The latest storm was still blasting the city when you ran into a local eatery to grab some food on your way home from work. As you were getting ready to order, another patron began yelling and pointing at you. You were confused at the commotion as you waited your turn in line, but confusion turned to disbelief when a police officer asked you to step out of line because you were under arrest. The lady was still yelling, and as you listened, you could hear her say you knocked her down and stole her purse. Here is what you can expect to happen next.


The officer may read your Miranda Rights at the scene, or you may hear them at the main office when you are processed for confinement. The clerk will take your photograph and fingerprints, and you will be asked to surrender your personal possessions.


Once you have been processed, you will be moved into a cell or put into an interrogation room. A waiting room or cell with other prisoners is your next stop, as you remain there with the other arrestees for a hearing before the judge.


At your arraignment, the court clerk will read the charges, and you will be asked to plead. After you state you are either “guilty” or “not guilty,” the judge will set a second hearing date, and a bail amount will be provided to you.


Your family can contact a nearby bail bonds Allentown PA company about setting up your release once you let them know the bail amount. A minimum of 10% of the total costs must be paid to the bond company before bail can be initiated.

Once you are free, you should contact a lawyer to defend your case. Remember to stay out of trouble because if you are arrested while out on bail, you will remain in jail until your trial ends. There is no second chance for bail.