Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Relationship

Do you ever get tired of the same routines? You probably do. But, what if you feel like your relationship has reached some kind of a rut? What if it feels like you’re like an old married couple who’s about to celebrate their silver anniversary, but you’ve just celebrated your third one? It only means that it’s time to freshen things up and step out of your routine.

Get to know each other on a deeper level

The questions you’ve asked each other at the beginning of your relationship have changed by now. At the time, you were getting to know each other and you were curious, so you asked questions. This is also what leads to opening up emotionally and led to a deeper connection within a relationship. Even though you know each other, you probably live with each other, there are still questions you could ask to get to know each other. There are so many relationship games out there, like Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin and others. These can spark up further conversations and lead to deepening your connection and staying curious about each other.

Try couples therapy

If you feel bored in your relationship, there might be an underlying reason why. Now might be the time to try couples therapy to get an understanding of your relationship dynamics, communication styles, and unhealthy patterns within a relationship. Keep an open mind and get into this with curiosity, because you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your relationship. Also, it’s worth mentioning, that going to a relationship therapist doesn’t mean that you have a problem and that your relationship is doomed to fail. On the contrary, it can help you in many ways, so be open to growing together as a couple.

Fulfil each other’s fantasy

Another reason people fall into a relationship rut is the lack of novelty. Life gets overwhelming sometimes, so you fail to prioritise quality time together and the quality of your intimacy. One of the ways to reignite desire within your relationship is to share each other’s fantasies and fulfil them. For example, if one of the partners wants to experience one of Melbourne brothels on your next trip to Australia, you should talk it through and define the terms under which this fantasy can come to life. By sharing your fantasies in an open and secure environment, you will further spark the desire for each other and ignite curiosity about each other.

Book a hotel room

Maybe it’s just time to change the scenery a bit and step away from your routines and duties. The easiest way to do this is to book a hotel room and change the master bedroom. This way, you’ll know that you only have a night at this hotel, so you might as well make it memorable. Any type of change will trigger new neural pathways so you’ll view your relationship differently by simply giving each other a night away from home. You can turn this into a date as well. Put on your fancy clothes, get all dolled up and polished, leave your phones on silent and enjoy your date. Just enjoy this entire night out of your home and enjoy your time together.

Look inward

We can go on and on with the tips and suggestions like getting a new hobby, workout together, travelling together, going on date nights with friends, and many more. Often, some reflections, introspection and looking inward, can speak many words about our relationships, not only romantic ones.

Another way to freshen up your relationship is to look inward and focus on yourself first. What is it that you want out of life? Are you using your potential or just counting the days until you retire? Do you have any passions or do you do everything as a couple? Do you nurture a relationship with yourself so that you can be a better partner, friend and lover?

Prioritise your needs, but those you can fulfil yourself. This way you won’t wait for your partner to be your everything. Instead, you’ll take of yourself first and then you’ll show authenticity in your relationship.

Lastly, prioritise quality time together and work on your communication and openly expressing each other’s needs. In addition to all we’ve mentioned so far, don’t forget to keep the romance alive.