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5 Enjoyable Cultural Tourist Attractions in Lombok to See

Lombok is famous for numerous local and foreign tourists. Like Bali, Lombok also has exotic natural attractions, like waterfalls, mountains, and absolutely beaches.

Now Lombok is like a climbing destination, particularly since the Mandalika region was designated among those Super Priority Tourist Destinations by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Well, if you intend to visit Lombok shortly, try a different amusing tour! It’s true, and it is possible to try cultural tourism while staying in Lombok. There are lots of unique cultures which it is possible to see in Lombok!

Recommended Cultural Tourism Places at Lombok Should Be Visited:

  1. Seeing the Unique Bau Nyale Festival at Kuta Beach

It’s said that Princess Mandalika is a gorgeous and kind-hearted princess. Her attractiveness also captivated princes from several kingdoms until several proposals were sent to the princess.

Not wanting to split because of getting just one proposal, the princess eventually chose to throw herself into the sea in Seger Beach. Then, many worms or nyale arose out of the sea. People think that this pig is the incarnation of this princess.

Local people catch nyale collectively then sow them into the rice fields or produce them into meals at this festival. If you would like to see the Bau Nyale Festival, it is possible to visit Mandalika from February to March, t-you can then see the Sasak Tribe Life bitan Sade Village.

Rambitan Sade is a popular cultural tourism place. Here, you can see firsthand the life of this Sasak tribe, beginning from the hereditary customs still employed for their unique traditional homes.

This traditional house is constructed from wooden columns, bamboo walls, and dry reeds as the roof. This tradition is thought to have the ability to repel mosquitoes out of the home! Unique, right?

You might also do some fascinating tasks, from viewing the weaving tradition (you may try it as well!), seeing the Gendang Beleq functionality at particular times, shooting photos in traditional Sasak clothing, to purchasing souvenirs.

If you would like to view the way the cultural life of this Sasak tribe is, Sade Village, situated in Central Lombok, could become your stopover. Some tips, you may use a rental vehicle, which means you’re satisfied exploring the upcoming cultural tourist destination.

  1. Learn How to Weave Fabrics at Sukarara

Another village that’s also known as a centre for woven materials in Lombok is Sukarara Village. When entering this village, your eyes will probably be spoiled by the vibrant and exquisite Lombok woven clothes.

Here, you may notice many girls weaving in front of the house. Weaving is now a hereditary heritage for girls in Sukarara Village. This convention is a compulsory requirement for Sasak girls who wish to get married!

What is unique is the manufacture of the fabric still uses conventional tools and the cloth is home made! Thus, making one fabric takes quite a while, about three months to five months, based on the level of difficulty.

If you’re happy with walking around watching weaving traditions (and attempting to learn how to weave), you can reward yourself and your dearest one with Sukarara woven clothes! You might even take pictures wearing the woven fabric in the Sasak traditional home.

To reach the village, you may use a personal vehicle by choosing the Mataram-Cakranegara-Kediri-Sukarara route. With public transport, you may decide on the Mataram-Bertais and Bertais-Praya majors.

  1. Beleka Village, Hub of Rattan-Based Crafts

In Lombok, it is possible to discover lots of villages with handicraft products. What makes it different from Banyumulek Village is the handicrafts are made from woven!

Here, you can observe craftsmen weaving rattan to create several items like home appliances, wall hangings, or decorative knick-knacks. If you come by Beleka Village, then you can purchase a few handicrafts, yes, to encourage the market of the regional villagers.

  1. Seeing the Practice of Creating Traditional Lombok Pottery at Banyumulek Village

If you’ve observed the creation of weaving, this period will encourage you to see the practice of earning traditional pottery in Banyumulek Village. Here, you may find the majority of the villagers who operate as pottery craftsmen!

You will find a number of clay carvings with several shapes, which range from the tiniest to the greatest. Besides pottery, you will find different handicrafts like wall hangings, screens, flower vases, key chains, and several more.

The target is to place water into the jug, but the exceptional design of the jug will stop water from coming from the hole again. Unique, right?

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Lombok by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.