Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

3 Simple Condo Interior Design Ideas You Will Love

In Singapore, a condominium is a private residence where residents each own an apartment unit and share common areas and facilities. Many condominiums come with access to facilities i.e. swimming pool, gym, and grilling areas at an added fee.

Due to the differences in regulations, the process of renovating a condominium differs from that of renovating a HDB. Developers may have their own set of rules that limit the types of renovations that can be done. This usually refers to modifications in the building’s facade that could change or disrupt the exterior appearance.

Buying a condominium unit is stressful enough in on itself, and now you are an owner, there are a thousand and one designs you need to pick and choose. Fear not, we’ve have compiled several useful interior design ideas for condominiums for you to adapt, ranging from smart designs to customised spaces!

1.      Using Smart Storage Options to the Fullest

All around the world, homes are getting smaller and smaller. This is especially true in Singapore, where the average size of condominium units are much smaller than their counterparts 10 to 20 years ago. As a result of this, there are many innovative space-saving furniture being invented in recent years to cater to this rising demand.

While renovating, consort with your interior designer to install the latest space saving implements in your sofas, expandable tables, and many more to maximise the space in your home. Since making modifications to the layout of condominiums is prohibited, space saving furniture is your best friend.

Using sleek black surfaces and reflective mirrors will visually expand the amount of space in your home so it can look uncluttered and free.

2.      Modern Condo Interior Design with White & Wooden Furniture

With warm-coloured wooden furniture, as well as contrasting white elements, your condo interior design could reuse furniture from the old house to create a sense of familiarity. Doors, tables, sofas can be reused, though we recommend that carpentry should be updated to better reflect your new surroundings.

If you desire an open and welcoming feel, you could use white or off-white as a dominant colour, which would contrast nicely with the timber texture of furniture. Every nook and cranny of this home can be adorned with several paintings and custom-designed furniture to make it cosier.

While having planned furniture certainly help, be sure to include this warm colour theme across to the walls, ceiling and flooring of your home to make it coherent!

3.      Plan your Space Layout Diligently

Since the amount of space you have to work with is limited, you should have a good idea of what you want from the layout. Whether that is enough space to display her art and collectibles, a large living room, a large comfortable kitchen, or changing the windows, allocate the space with your interior designer to make appropriate changes. Plan for décor spaces and useful details, e.g., mirrors that break up the monotony in the walkway to the balcony.

Tip 1: Why Go With Custom Designs

A project can be greatly improved by choosing the accurate colour palette and correcting the layout. Your new unit comes clean and well-proportioned in its clean slate, with raw and natural materials that show off their natural beauty. Customise this blank canvas to your liking by researching before and or looking at portfolios from interior designers for inspiration. Lastly, talk to your designer about the changes you have in mind.

Tip 2: Keep In Mind Renovation Cost

When compared to resale condos, new condos are cheaper to renovate. As most of the necessary fittings are already provided by the developer, this saves a lot of money. Resale units, on the other hand, should be refreshed or refurbished due to their age, including hacking, wiring, and carpentry, depending on the age and scope of the work.

In short, read up and look extensively on the features of interior design that you want for your condominium and work closely with your interior designer. As the source of expert advice, they are your ticket to achieving your dream home. While it is a pain point, renovation cost and time is something to be sacrificed in order to ensure quality renovation works and design can take place. Our advice: go the extra mile if possible! A quality home will last you for years to come and might even help when appraising the value of your property.