Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

3 Often Overlooked Ways To Use Your Golf Cart

When you think of golf carts, you likely think of large expanses of grass and people playing golf. However, you might be surprised that there are many other useful ways to utilize a golf cart. Here are some often overlooked ways you’ll want to start using your golf cart.

1. Going Fishing

Fishing requires a lot of stuff. You not only have your poles and tackle box, but you also need a cooler and bags for your food and drink and chairs to sit on. Instead of making trip after trip to the water from your car, pack everything into your golf cart and drive it to the water. You can park right on the water’s edge, and you won’t be exhausted from hauling everything down.

2. Driving Around the Neighborhood

Whether you’re visiting a friend’s house in the neighborhood or taking a trip to the community pool, you’ll likely find that using golf carts Clarence NY to get around is much easier than using your car. When you take your car, you have to find available parking, which isn’t always close. However, because golf carts are so small, you’ll find that you can park them in much smaller spots and don’t struggle to find a spot to fit them in. Plus, because golf carts run on batteries or solar power, they’re much better for the environment than most vehicles. 

3. Visiting the Beach

If you live next to the beach, you likely love to visit the ocean as often as possible. However, you probably don’t like dealing with parking and dragging everything down to the beach. You also want to avoid dealing with the buckets full of sand that always seem to make it back in your car after a trip to the beach. When you load everyone into your golf cart, you don’t have to worry about how much sand is brought home. You just give the cart a quick rinse, and it’s ready for your next adventure.