Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

3 Common Issues in Homeowners Associations

If you move into a condominium or another type of neighborhood that has a homeowners association, chances are you have a list of guidelines that you must follow as well as a list of what to expect from your HOA. If other residents or your HOA aren’t falling the neighborhood regulations, you may need to communicate at the meetings. Some issues are more common and easily fixable, but others may require the assistance of a real estate attorney Ashburn VA.

  1. Lack of Routine Maintenance

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, it is responsible for routine maintenance of all common areas, including lawns, pest control, and playground equipment. While some HOAs keep up with maintenance well, others drop the ball. If you’ve noticed broken swings at the park, landscaping that is dying, or other problems that keep the neighborhood from looking its best, you’ll need to take it up with your HOA. 

  1. Parking Violations

Parking is another common issue raised at HOA meetings. Most HOAs have laws regarding how many vehicles each home can park as well as whether commercial vehicles can be parked within the community. If you keep many vehicles on your property, especially without driving some of them, you could be subject to HOA fines. On the other hand, you may find that other people park many vehicles without the HOA intervening. In these cases, you may need to raise your concerns. 

  1. Preferential Treatment for Some Residents

One of the biggest issues that tend to come up in HOAs is some residents feeling like others receive preferential treatment. When a homeowner in the neighborhood is friends with the HOA board members, their discrepancies regarding parking, lawn care, or other rules and regulations may be overlooked. This especially becomes a problem if other residents are being fined for the same issues. 

If you find you need a real estate lawyer to help you communicate with your HOA, finding the right person is essential. Look for someone experienced with HOA communication, licensed, and who has a good reputation within the community.