Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

10 Things To Watch Out For When Buying A New Computer

With the integration of modern technology in Indian workplaces, the need for a reliable computer has only grown. Needless to say, you may get confused about which computer is best for you.

Buying a computer is not easy because you have to look into your financial investment and requirements. If you are a complete novice to technology, here are some general guidelines to remember when buying a PC.

Top 10 Things To Remember While Buying A Computer

Laptop Or Desktop?

When choosing a computer, the biggest question that pops in your head is, do you need a laptop or desktop? Your choice will factor in your work-related needs.

If you need to carry your computer to college or if you travel for work, then a laptop is the preferred choice. However, if you generally work from home and play games, a desktop computer works just fine.

Know Your Budget

When you are looking to buying an electronic product, your budget matters the most. You don’t need to save up a large sum of money to afford the product you desire: you can find devices with similar specifications for a cheaper rate. To remove the confusion, decide a specific price range, and you’ll be set.

Don’t get confused between SGST and cgst full form because both are part of GST norms. GST has multiple rules and steps based on tax.


RAM allows you to install and access the applications on your computer. The formula for this feature is relatively simple – the larger the size of your RAM, the smoother and efficient the performance of your PC.

Nowadays, 4GB RAM is the minimum requirement for a computer to do multiple tasks comfortably at the same time. As per your needs, you can opt for a memory of 8GB, 16GB, or even higher.


The performance and speed of your computer mainly depend on the processor. The higher the gigahertz (GHz), the faster your PC will be. The variety of CPUs in the market is wide, so do your due diligence and research your options to get the ideal processor.

Hard Disk Drive

The hard disk drive is the storage house of your computer. Although the size is reliant on your particular needs, users mostly prefer 500GB and 1TB hard disk storage drives. Every internal hard drive comes with a different price range – the price will increase along with storage capacity.

Screen And Display

The size and the quality of display are very relevant factors to consider when selecting the monitor. Be sure to choose a decent screen size that is easily adaptive. Ensure that the colour and contrast of the display don’t harm your eyes.


Although not the biggest concern of every user, a graphics card is a necessity for your computer if you play games. It can single-handedly take your gaming experience to a higher level with superior visuals. The smoothness in your gameplay will be improved.

Operating System

The operating system is primarily responsible for communication between the user and the computer. A good OS can enable multitasking, manage your memory space, and improve coordination with hardware.

Since the operating system gets new upgrades and security patch notes from time to time, you might not be able to find a computer with the latest version. However, you can upgrade the operating system yourself from the software upgrade feature of your computer.

Support And Coverage

You can ask the salesman or talk to the company about your computer’s support service. Every brand provides support and coverage service, most often in the form of a toll-free number which is always open for calling. Be sure to inspect the computer for any signs of damage before you finalise the purchase.

Mode Of Buying

The final thing you need to consider is whether you are buying a computer is your mode of payment. Look for any ongoing offers or discounts on the device, and you might get lucky.

While a card can enable you to access these special deals, most of the time, a cash payment doesn’t provide as many offers.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect computer is an important issue for many enterprising individuals. With this information, you will be able to make the right decision.

When you are purchasing a computer, verify the correct amount of the product. Look into the billing amount and gst rate of the device. Ensure that SGST and CGST are both included in the final receipt of purchase.