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What is ?

Well in music we have loud bits and i am sure we all love that fat loud bits. In computer we have silent bits and that is the reason why i choose this name for my site. I hope this make sense and you like the new name.

Can i help you ?

If i have free time i can do work like installing WordPress blog (configure sql base), show, find and install themes (templates), customize templates to your fancy, setup blog and install additional plugins, install rss support and any help blog help. I can even host your blog if you want. Just use contact form at the bottom of this page.

My computer interests

Let me tell you something about my interests in computer world. For ages I have been a GUI geek, which means I like to change OS (operating system) GUI (graphic user interface) interface. I have been changing Windows and Linux interface since always, I like the visual styles, icons, wallpapers and stuff like that. My attraction to that field made me start a project site GUIStyles,a page which index the best works and projects in GUI customize world everyday. I also have my old page (in Polish) that generally concentrated on customizing Linux and Linux system. I am also interested in Linux system (OS news about all systems), which I have been using for some time now (perhaps not too much recently but I am sure it will change in the future) and I like to customize and configure it too. Graphics, I am not good at that but I like tracking down all the new projects and designs that appear. My last passion in web creation, I have started with one page and now I have a few projects on my mind. I am doing it as a 100% amateur but I’ve learned some things now. I am also ineterested in news about Web 2.0 (and all it features), AdSense program from Google and blogging (I mean reading only the top quality blogs hehe). Oooow… almost forgot I am also an Apple and Mac geek !

About Me

Name: Peter
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Employment: IT

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