2016 Daily Desktop

Hi, I will try to post my home desk next week, till now my daily desktop 2016.

OS X desktop with icons:

I use standard configuration with Dark mode enabled.

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How to Vectorize Your Image Assets


Poor quality, low resolution images can make any blog or website look unprofessional. Today, with responsive web design and users surfing the web on their mobile devices and tablets, it’s more important than ever to use image assets that are optimized for devices of all sizes.

How can you do this? The answer is vector graphics.

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My Desk @ Home


I would like to say that the blog is not dead, I am still interested in topics relating to WordPress. I will soon publish an article about how I migrate my VPS server to another provider, how I implemented CDN on my websites and a few other interesting things that I’ve done lately. In 2010 you could check my office hardware configuration, now it is time to show my last home setup.. all details below.

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Windows 7 Design & Themes


Windows7Design.com is almost finished !

Portal will provide best Windows 7 Customize Designs:

  • Windows 7 Themes
  • Windows 7 Wallpapers
  • Windows 7 Gadgets

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Harman Kardon SoundSticks II Review

harman_kardon_by_bulldogg_designs.jpgimage by bulldogg-designs

Just bought it two days ago and i am pretty happy with them.

In my opinion what is good about them:

  • sound quality, bass & speakers sound
  • design, look & feel (even my girlfriend liked them)

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