My Desk @ Home

dsc03454 400b My Desk @ Home

I would like to say that the blog is not dead, I am still interested in topics relating to WordPress. I will soon publish an article about how I migrate my VPS server to another provider, how I implemented CDN on my websites and a few other interesting things that I’ve done lately. In 2010 you could check my office hardware configuration, now it is time to show my last home setup.. all details below.

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Windows 7 Design & Themes

windows7design Windows 7 Design & Themes is almost finished !

Portal will provide best Windows 7 Customize Designs:

  • Windows 7 Themes
  • Windows 7 Wallpapers
  • Windows 7 Gadgets

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Harman Kardon SoundSticks II Review

harman kardon by bulldogg designs Harman Kardon SoundSticks II Reviewimage by bulldogg-designs

Just bought it two days ago and i am pretty happy with them.

In my opinion what is good about them:

  • sound quality, bass & speakers sound
  • design, look & feel (even my girlfriend liked them)

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My Desk @ Work

desk2 My Desk @ Work

It was made by phone camera so photo is pretty small… I got many other hardware stuff on my desk but this is all that fit on that camera photo.


Build a Website with WordPress Noise

My WordPress online portfolio is almost finished and I think it is a good time to show you what I’ve done recently.

wpnoise Build a Website with Wordpress Noise

I will provide full WordPress services which means that I will build websites based on WordPress blog platform and then host & manage them for my clients.

It will be simple as that:

  • Choose & Register Domain name
  • Install WordPress on our Web Hosting
  • Recommended WordPress Theme & Plugins
  • Publish your Website

If you would like to read more about my WordPress services visit this brand new website: WordPress Noise.

As always your feedback is welcome !